The Gingerbread Girl



STATUS: Pre-Production
DIRECTOR: Craig R. Baxley
WRITERS: Stephen King, Craig R. Baxley
PRODUCER: Meyer Schwarzstein

SYNOPSIS: Based on the novella by Stephen King, THE GINGERBREAD GIRL tells the story of Emily, a woman hiding away from the world in her father’s vacation home in a small beachside town in Maine. Struggling to cope with the loss of her daughter, Emily channels her grief into a grueling daily running regimen. She avoids most people in town, but on one of her mornings runs she meets the dashing, mysterious Jim Pickering – a wealthy man living in the high-end part of town. The following day as Emily passes his house, her curiosity leads her to find the dead body of Jim’s girlfriend in his trunk. Before she can escape, Jim knocks her out and holds her captive in his home. Desperate to survive, Emily manages to break free of Jim’s house. With Jim in close pursuit, Emily uses her skills as a runner to stay one step ahead of him — but for how long?

Casting is in progress